Sunday, November 2, 2008


Once again its time to vote.
I plan on getting to the polls early just to beat the rush.
The hubster and I were discussing this is one of the few things you can do privately nowadays and not have to explain it to anyone. You go in, cast your vote and leave knowing you did the best you could...

I have probably watched more debates and read more articles about the candidates this time around than ever before. It feels like we are on the cusp of something huge.

I go into peoples homes, wait, I am invited into people's homes and their lives through my job as a clinical social worker. It is an honor to be allowed into someone's home. Especially the homes that have bare cupboards, no food, no electricity or gas or water. People wounded and hurting, but who with dignity, ask me in and treat me like an honored guest.

When I enter these homes I don't see the color of their skin. I see their pain. Pain I understand. Pain is the common denominator of all human beings; of all living creatures. It touches us all and brings us to our knees. Pain levels the playing field.

In the upcoming election I believe both candidates have known pain. I believe they both have been brought to their knees. But what I am seeing is that skin color still, even in 2008, plays a role. I cannot believe we have come no farther than to still judge a person by the color of one's skin. Unfathomable. Ridiculous. It makes me wish we were all blind and couldn't see what one another looked like. But then I guess we would build prejudices on how we sound or smell...I actually heard someone say they would vote for Obama if he were white. (Discounting that he actually is at least 1/2 white!)

All I am asking and praying for, is that everyone vote FOR someone they believe in, not AGAINST someone just because of their skin color.

It is 2008. Time to stop the hate...

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