Monday, October 13, 2008


As you look back at your life,
there are just a million different things
that have happened, just in the right way,
to allow you to make your dreams come true.
And you know, Someone has all that under control.
-Michael P. Anderson

I am realizing my dreams. Its a little scary. To achieve what I wanted to achieve. To discover that the things I want are not so far away anymore. I am discovering my dreams have changed too.

Once I dreamed of going to college. It seemed impossible to the 7th grader in a tiny town that she would ever get there. She dreamed of a vague school, ivy covered buildings, sweater sets and wool skirts (too much Nancy Drew?) but in time she (I) made it there. It wasn't exactly as I imagined, it was more.

Then I started to dream of going to New York, of being in theater, making a living making art. I would be the most famous lighting designer ever. I made it to NY, I designed lights, I also did a lot of other things including finding new dreams along the way.

One was to go home. To be near family. To heal and be healed. I returned to KY. I worked for a veterinarian. I picked up a long ago forgotten dream of working with animals. I learned a lot. I learned about healing, life and death. I learned about loving and about letting go. Eventually I moved on to a different dream.

I went back to school. I loved being there, learning again, reading, writing, exploring new worlds, meeting new people. I took all that I learned and went once again into the world. I found a job with an agency that I wasn't expecting to stay at for very long, but I have found it is a good fit for now and I remain there.

I sit this morning in the quiet coolness of my favorite time of year. I am surrounded by my cats and my dog. My husband has just left, excited about his career for the first time in years. I have spent the weekend with my dearest friend, met my newest great niece, walked on the farm where I was born.I ate pears from the tree in my brother's yard from a tree that has been there as long as I have been on earth. I have all I need and most things I want.

My dream now is of being content with the life I have. I am holding my dream in my hands.


TimmyB said...

Ms. Martha, reading this gave me such a great, warm feeling. I'm so very happy for you. And I'm glad I got to share some small episodes along the way in the fulfillment of this lifelong dream.

Victoria Cummings said...

You're very lucky to be holding your dream in your hands. That's more than most people can say. It's important to take those moments where everything is working out just right and savor them. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and leave me a note - I'll come see you again soon.