Sunday, September 21, 2008


We are spending time with Molly but she sleeps a lot lately. She is hanging in there, stubborn as I am.
Its a waiting game really.

I have been thinking about waiting. I have a dear friend who is pregnant and I think about her waiting for the baby to arrive. It isn't always pleasant, there is morning sickness, aches and pains as ligaments and joints stretch and reshape to accommodate the growing child. The end result will be worth the wait, but the journey itself is trying at times.

So how does this relate to watching a beloved pet die?
I am not sure. I am grappling with that connection.
There are painful moments balanced by joyous moments. There are times when I realize that having Molly in our lives has been worth every moment of our discomfort. That the love she brings into our home far out weighs any suffering we endure. And in turn I want to grant her mercy from her suffering. I willingly take on the emotional pain to spare her physical pain. It is the least I can do for her.

I know my friend would take on any amount of pain for her child. Or her husband or her friends. She is generous to a fault. She is going to be a doctor and is sitting out a semester of her 3rd year to have her baby. She blogs about waiting. At times she is impatient and wants to hurry the process. At times she slows down and lives in the moment. She is an example for me, a touchstone of reality and hope. She reminds me that life, amazing and complex, doesn't stop, but continues in mysterious and magic ways. That miracles happen and love never ends.

We just have to wait for it some times.

Thanks Katie for the reminders.


Alykat said...

I couldn't agree more, and you said it beautifully. Much love to Katie, the Turnip and YOU- also an inspiration, wonderful and generous to a fault!

Thinking of you and the Molly Dawg! said...

Nice connection. Thanks for sharing.