Saturday, September 6, 2008

Molly Dawg update

Molly continues to decline day after day. We have had "the talk" with her vet: quality of life vs. quantity. We are keeping her comfortable and taking it day by day.

Its hard making the decision, but we have decided to euthanize her soon. We just haven't decided the exact time or day. There comes a strange peace with having made the decision. An acceptance. I know that it will hurt me to let her go. I know that it is best for her, to free her from a failing body, from legs that can no longer bear her weight, take her around the block or even around the yard. I know that she will never be sick again, never feel misery or suffer in any way. But I don't want her to go. I am selfish like that. I want to hang on to my dog. My funny goofy olden golden.
I spend the days remembering the time we have shared. It has only been 4 years. Not nearly enough. I knew that taking in an old dog would have its risks. I knew she would break my heart. I gladly let her.

From the moment I first laid eyes on Molly Dawg, it was love. She was the calm in the midst of chaos, the only quiet dog at the Humane Society. She was sitting there dignified and regal while all around her the hounds barked and yipped, snarled and howled. She seemed to be waiting for me. When I approached her cage, she came forward, licked my hand and sat down grinning her big old goofy golden grin, as if to say "What took you so long?"

I don't want her to have to ask that question a second time. I just hope and pray that I don't hold on too long and make her suffer. I hope I will know when she is ready to go.


Katie! said...

Thinking of you all so much. Love you all.

Anonymous said...


The only regret I've had in the past year is losing touch with all the beautiful people I met at the clinic. I have no excuse other than life has been so hectic that I spend all my time just trying to stay afloat.

I do peek in on everyone via the web every now and then. I am so, so sorry to hear about dear Molly. It breaks my heart deeply, but I know that she is a lucky pup indeed because she has got to spend the end of her life with people who love her so.

I'll be thinking of you, Bob and the Molly Dawg and sending you all my happy thoughts and love.


TimmyB said...

Be brave, M. I'm sure you're doing what's right for Molly Dawg. Our Oscar's getting up there and has a long list of troubles as well. I don't look forward to that day we have to make the same decision.

BTW, your description of meeting Molly for the first time really nailed the Golden Retriever personality. They are such wonderful, sweet animals.