Friday, September 12, 2008

LIfe in general

This week has been OK.
Molly is having more good days than bad. Bob found a job, passed his licensing exam and will be working for the Duck...
I have been in training all week, learning new therapy techniques and meeting people from Texas, Michigan and other agencies.

And its feeling like fall. The air is cool, we had a beautiful thunderstorm and I think I saw leaves starting to change.

I am glad summer is leaving. I am not a fan of summer. I don't like the heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes, pretty much everything. I am an Autumn person. I like the cooling off, the excitement of putting on a sweater, that first cup of hot chocolate, the crunch of leaves under my feet, the apples that are tart and crisp, pumpkins, making chili and soup, the adding a quilt to the bed and best of all, turning off the A/C and sleeping with the windows open again!
Even when its raining...

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