Saturday, September 27, 2008


Finally, its Fall.
Sleeping with the windows open again, snuggling under quilts, tucked in with cats, leaves starting to turn, crisp apples from the orchard...
It is my favorite season.
The horrid summer is over!!!
I am yearning for hot chocolate and oatmeal, soups bubbling on the stove and getting to wear sweaters again.

Lately life has been getting better. The hubster is working and doing marvelously well. He has found a job where he is appreciated, his talents are being used and he is helping people. All things we had hoped for. Oh, and he gets paid too!

My job continues to be thrilling, tough, demanding, chaotic and I love every minute of it. I have switched over completely to full time therapist now. I have 5 teenagers on my caseload... quite different from the scads of elementary school boys I had last year! I have clients in neighboring counties and spend a day or two a week out of town. I like that though. The drive is nice, it gives me time to reflect and mull over things while driving down country roads past horses and cows.

Molly Dawg continues to confound us. She is still hanging in there with more good days than bad. So we celebrate each one as it comes.

Also Dennis the fish is swimming strong. I thought about getting him a friend, but he would probably fight it, so I just let him have a mirror and he can stare at himself.
That seems enough to keep him happy!

OK, the urge is too strong, I am off to make hot chocolate, more blogging later...

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