Sunday, August 17, 2008

Princess Gyspy Lu

It is another sad day. One of Molly Dawg's Cedar Hill pack has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Princess Gypsy Lu, a petite border collie mix, died yesterday morning after being hit by a car in the early dawn light.

Gypsy Lu was a sweet, dainty dog. She was one of the most loving creatures I have known. Gypsy and I often shared a bed at Cedar Hill Retreat. I would wake up on the edge because the Princess couldn't sleep long ways, she had to sleep cross ways and in the middle, with her tiny toes nudging me until I gave her enough room! Gypsy also was dainty in taking treats. The rest of the pack would wolf down their rolls, biscuits or whatever I offered them, but Gypsy would carry hers a few feet away and nibble it.

Gypsy loved to run. She would often lead the pack on chase. She and Mary (I called her the handmaiden to Gypsy's regal Princess) would just fly, skimming the ground, two tiny ladies in the front of the large gangly male dogs, graceful and quick, off to catch whatever had incited the hunt this time.

I remember the time Gypsy had spent the night trying to dig out a raccoon, she returned caked in mud, nose scratched, absolutely filthy, marched in very proud and plopped herself in the recliner at the Retreat Center as if to say "What? Brush me servant!"

Gypsy got tagged once by the hubster as he drove up the hill and she avoided cars for quite a few months after that. But the lure of the hunt proved too much. She learned to open the pet door and slipped out yesterday morning before the sun was up, when the dew was still on the grass, and before the night creatures where abed for the day. The primal instincts could not be ignored and Gypsy flew down the hill, across the creek and into the path of a car and immediately crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Run free Gypsy. Enjoy Heaven's hunting. We will see you anon...


Alykat said...

Rest in Peace, Gypsy. You were so beautiful and sweet and everything that a border collie should be. Keep those angels in a nice, neat little herd in heaven!

Ula said...

This is great info to know.