Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ending on a good note.

It was a not so good, terrible, horrible, plain out and out hellish week. It started with the death of Gypsy Lu, a beautiful dog friend of mine and continued to go downhill from there.
The client who shoved me continued to escalate each time I have worked with him, until this week when he had a complete meltdown into a raging tantrum, in my car, which involved pulling my hair, kicking, hitting, scratching, and throwing stuff... but I somehow, by the grace of God and a lot of determination, got him safely to school. However I was in tears and a bit shaken by the incident. Needless to say, I will not be transporting him again! But I will work with him in school from now on as he is just a frightened kid.
The worst news is that the hubster got fired, downsized, laid off~ whatever the correct term is when a company can no longer afford to keep staff due to these economic times.
It has taken us both by surprise and we have been riding a roller coaster of emotions.
I haven't cried this much in forever.
It came as a shock to both of us, the hubs has been w/ his company 10 years, has been loyal to the point of knighthood (in my opinion) and has worked long hours and given 110% but that didn't stand up against the red ink, I suppose. I am angry, sad, bitter and scared for him and us. But I have faith it will work out to be an opportunity for him in the end.

On a brighter note, the week did end with a miracle. My former co-worker and ongoing friend, Libby gave birth yesterday to her son Shaun (like Shaun of the Dead, seriously, they got a thing for zombies!) and both Mom and Dad and new beebee are fine and happy and just gorgeous. I managed to get over to see them and join Alycat and Katie for a quick snorglefest w/ the babby. Seeing a newborn, all sweet smelling, innocent, full of potential, surrounded by a circle of love proves to me there is hope, there is life, a chance to start over, begin again and so many possibilities where love abides...

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Timmy B. said...

Stay strong, M. I'm sending you good vibes.

I'm having a hellacious month myself, and my good ol' momma keeps telling me "This too shall pass." Not sure where that quote came from, but it's good to keep in mind. Time heals a lot of things.

The economy sucks right now, but I know your hubster will land a new opportunity quickly.

Look for good things to happen real soon.


Timmy B.