Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I got to hang out with cows this past weekend...
I helped a friend move to her grandparents' farm and spent the night.
It was lovely there.
Far off the road, no traffic noise, no street lights, no sirens or people shouting.
There was the sound of night birds, the lowing of cattle and an occasional yipping coyote. The night was dark and calm with the scent of hay and dew.
A thin haze washed over the stars as the moon played peekaboo with me.
I slept without dreaming, arose to a beautiful sunrise and watched wild turkeys cross the pasture following the horse and cows as they slowly grazed their way to the pond.
Later after eating a homemade walnut and chocolate chip muffin, I sat beneath a huge juniper tree in a swing with my friends and laughed and talked until noon.
Somewhere in there I also read a book cover to cover.
It was the respite I needed to start over again, to pick up where I left off and go back to work, renewed and rested.
Thanks Alycat.

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