Thursday, May 1, 2008

The unsinkable Molly Dawg

Molly just keeps truckin'
My olden golden went in a week or so ago for bloodwork and a recheck. She had been having a few rough weeks, stumbling and falling a lot. Even some accidents in the house. (I don't mind the accidents, I long ago chose animal companions over priceless antiques and thus buy furnishings at yard sales for that very reason, so if something gets ruined, it gets replaced much more easily than a cherished family member!)
So Molly goes to the vet, and the hubster in the throes of a depressive episode thinks we are taking her to be euthanized. I have to admit I was unaware of this, I knew he was crabby and out of sorts, but I didn't realize he was in such a dark place... so much for my clinical observational skills!
The doc and I start talking bloodwork and therapy and the hubster starts talking euthanasia. It becomes confusing and tearful fast. Eventually we sort it out and leave with a new Rx and a still living dog. I go to work and the Hub goes to bed for the day.

Molly and I now understand the whole Abraham and Isaac story a lot better...

PS: The new RX and a lovely 10" ramp that Bro in law and I built have upped Molly's life quality immensely. We recheck bloodwork in 2 weeks to make sure her liver values are OK and if so she continues on this arthritis med and we get to have her for a while longer!

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