Saturday, May 10, 2008


I will admit I hate exercising. I want weight to magically melt away from my body with no discernible effort on my part. I am a person who would gladly spend a day~ no a week~ in a comfy position reading book after book...
But this year I became a middle age woman. Totally against my will. Mentally I still spend most of my days as a young saucy thing. Its a shock to see myself w/ gray hair and wrinkles: who is SHE???? staring back at ME????
Anyway because of weight gain and genetics I am diabetic now. It sucks. I have been in denial about it for a few months thinking it would go away if I just take the magic pills and pretend it doesn't exist. But no, magical thinking doesn't work for the clinician any better than it works for the clients!
So the truth is the only way I can beat or at least better the disease process is exercise. Lucky for me the hubster is becoming a world class athlete and is inspiring, coaxing, nagging, daring me to do better.
I went to the dang gym today. I did the elliptical, I did the weights. I didn't hate every minute of it. I actually felt better afterwards. So I will do better. I will show diabetes that I can give it a run for its money.
That what we stubborn women in my family do...

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