Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sniffy Pie

I have decided to share the cats' stories too. I think they are becoming jealous that Molly gets all the press!

Sniffy Pie came to us as a rescue. She had been boarded at the vet clinic at which I used to work for a month with her two fellow cat mates. Her then name was Maggie. She had a pretty serious upper respiratory condition which entailed her sneezing huge wads of mucous multiple times daily. Not a really attractive trait but her charm and personality made one forget the flying snot balls. She was a lovebug, a cuddler, a true snuggle puss. The owners finally decided to take the cats home. Two of the cats anyway. They didn't want Maggie. Because they had just redone the whole house and well there are those flying wads of snot to be dealt with... so they decided to euthanize her. After a month of 8+ hours a day with this sweet cat, the whole staff couldn't believe their decision. We all started to discuss the possibilities. We talked with the owners about their decision asking if they could find her a home instead. They told us we could find her a home if we wanted but they were ready to put her to sleep.
So that's when the hubster got yet another tearful phone call starting "honey there's this cat..."
So Maggie became mine. I had them sign her over to me and I started her on the first of many rounds of antibiotics. After a week or so she started to breathe better and the mucous lessened. She came home and immediately fell in love with the hubster sitting on his chest, burrowing into his beard, sneezing lovingly into his face. We also began to notice her quirks... carrying socks around wailing sadly, then piling them into her bed like kittens. She loves heat, sitting on the furnace vents, under a lamp on top of a warm computer, in a sunbeam. She also started to go around smelling everything: food, our drinks, our breath, lampshades, the dog, the other cats, toes anything and everything. Just sitting for long times smelling stuff... I mentioned it to the vet and she said "Well yeah, the poor thing hasn't been able to smell anything for years until you treated her!" Thus she became Sniffy Pie.
She loves kids too. When our young nieces and nephews visit she is all over them. She once tried to drag our 4 year old nephew away from his big brother because he was crying... My nephew got scared and thought she was biting him but his mom witnessed the event and told me that "No, Sniffy was grabbing his collar with her teeth and trying to drag him away from the torturing older brother..."
She loves to lick faces and often the unsuspecting guest in our house will wake up to her washing their face if they leave their bedroom door open. When we babysat a puppy, she was continually at its crate patting it with her paws. She is definitely the maternal one.
Sniffy likes to climb all the book shelves and peer down at everyone too. Sometimes she will leap down on them for fun.
So if you visit us, remember the socks on the floors are "bebees" and you may get a facial if you doze off...


Katie! said...

Sweet little Sniffy Pie. Love this post and love how your adoration for your pets comes through in your writing.

Makes me smile! :)

Me! said...

Oh, I love Miss Sniffy! She is the sweetest kitty ever... besides Tabitha, of course! :)