Saturday, May 17, 2008


My hubster ran a 5K race this morning... so why am I exhausted???

I am so proud of the hubster. He didn't quit, he finished in good time and we hooted together at the finish line!

Then we came home and I promptly slept the day away...
I think Saturdays may just have to be my recovery days. The week takes a lot out of me lately. I run full steam and just can't/won't make the effort to keep that pace on Saturdays. I had envisioned it would be a day of chores: cleaning the bathroom, litterboxes, mop, sweep, do home repair projects... but lately its been more a mental health day for me. A time of decompression from a week of expending enormous amounts of energy both mental and physical. I went to the gym more this week, made good progress on the elliptical. The iPod helps sooooo much! 30 minutes goes much faster when you are rockin out w/ the Eagles or the Beatles!
And as far as mentally, there may be a letup for a short while. Afterschool groups have ended for the semester, and only 8 days of school left. Then I change up my work routine and start doing more out of the school in the community therapy work w/ the kiddos.
So stay tuned for the summer.
Now back to my lazy, hazy Saturdazy.

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TimmyB said...

Congratulations to your hubster for taking on such a challenge. That's quite an accomplishment.

Lately my workouts have been all about sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream watching "Workout" on Bravo.

Must return to the gym again soon.