Friday, May 16, 2008

Good things come in threes...

Last night I got the third announcement of impending parenthood from one of my younger friends/former coworkers!
Over the years I began some significant relationships with a few younger women at the clinic where I used to work. These are incredibly cool, smart, compassionate women that are *ahem* young enough to have been my daughters... yet we bonded and became really good friends. They all have taught me so much about life and love and friendship and fun. They have supported my dreams of becoming a clinician, they have encouraged, celebrated and sorrowed with me over the years. And I have done so in return with them.
These women and their spouses are going to be incredible parents: because they are incredible people, they are loving, they are smart, they are dedicated, they are compassionate, they give 110% of themselves daily and they really, really are excited about having kiddos. I don't think these kids will ever end up on my caseload.

SO now all 3 are going to be MOMS!!! And like cats they all apparently came into heat at the same time because all will have their litters in the fall!

Congrats Katie, Libby, Bonnie. You all rock! (Also Patrick, Brandon and Chris for your part in the incredible mystery of life~)


Katie! said...

You are so sweet - and hilarious. I laughed out loud and woke up two cats and a dog with your comment about us all "coming into heat at the same time".

I love you to bits and am humbled and honored to be your friend.


Me! said...

Ah! I was getting scared thinking, "who else is preggers???? Did Jenny not make it to the wedding night???????????" And then I realized that you have other young friends.... :)