Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fish gotta swim... birds gotta fly...

Dennis apparently is part Parks! He is stubborn and has taken on an "I'll show you!" attitude~ something that is genetically programmed into my family... He absolutely refuses to give up the ghost.
He is swimming more today and working out the kinks. He even ate some of his freeze dried bloodworms for me! He refuses to quit... he seems to be recovering thanks to a dose of aquarium salts, magic blue fish medicine and lots of fish prayers.
In celebration the hubster took me to PetSmart and we bought Dennis a fake turtle friend for his tank.
I just gotta admire a fish as stubborn as I am...

In a totally unrelated note our resident mockingbird has increased its song list. Not only does it mimic our beeping car locks but it now has our cat Maggie's plaintive "MEOOOOOOOW" (high pitched and whine-y) down perfectly. Maggie sits in the upstairs window meowing at anyone and everyone on the street, crying out her tale of woe. And the mockingbird has her down pitch perfect. I discovered this when I was standing by my car and heard her up in the tree! I started freaking out thinking she had somehow pried open the window and climbed out only to discover the bird bobbing and mewing at me.
Yeesh. If that bird starts baying like the beagle Riley next door, I may have to lose my compassion and make the cats a bird sammich!

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TimmyB said...

Good luck, Dennis.