Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiny miracles

This weekend I experienced 3 tiny miracles: unusual, surprising, mysterious happenings.
First Molly dog and I were walking and she had one of her stumble and falls. As I bent to help her up, I spotted a four leaf clover by her bum! I haven't found a four leaf clover since I was a child. I think Molly the miracle dog intentionally sat down in that spot just so I could retrieve it and add it to her memory book...
Next driving home on the lonely country road from church, I spot a critter ahead in the road, I start slowing down thinking its a dog, start to toot the horn, when it turns to face me. Staring at me with big luminous eyes is a beautiful red fox. I stop the car and we hold eye contact for a long moment, then with a lovely smile, he flips his full fluffy tail and lopes away, leaving me breathless with wonder.
Last but not least, this morning, I sat in my car waiting for it to warm up, putting on lip gloss, when a mocking bird landed above my window, turned and stared in at me! Again I made eye contact with a wild creature and just sat there staring until he turned hopped onto the hood, strolled about for a minute or so and then took flight.
These 3 connections in such small beings linked me to something so immense, so great and grand, that I can't help but to feel the energy of the universe is real and realized in my daily life.
I find it miraculous when God appears in the humblest forms and seeks me out, winking at me as it to say, "Hey, I am everywhere, and don't you forget it, Mary Martha!"

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TimmyB said...

I'll bet that fox was beautiful.