Saturday, April 5, 2008

Home again..

On this most recent visit to the farm, I spent time with two of my "greats". I have a current total of 7 great nephews and nieces~ (Hopefully within the year my nephew will be adding one to bring me to an even 8!)
So I got to see two great nieces this trip.
Alexis and Hannah. They are just fascinating: beautiful, smart, joyous. I am sure that they think I am a crazy aunt, because I just keep staring at them and smiling. What they don't know is that I see the past in them, I catch glimpses of their grandmothers, great grandparents, aunts and cousins surfacing in them. They are whole, unique individuals, but I love to see the common traits we share as a family. The shape of the eyes, the family mouth (we all have the same cupid bow lips!)the bookish tendencies, the same sounding giggle, the long skinny toes...
I just fall in love every time I hang out with the greats. I being born halfway between my siblings and their offspring, can remember when the greats' parents were babies. I was 10 or 12 and played with the nephew and nieces as if they were living breathing dolls. So its so wondrous to see the offspring of my doll babies... Remembering my nephew and nieces at the age of their children, seeing their shadows in their children.
Life is incredibly rich and beautiful...

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TimmyB said...

You're a great aunt, Martha. Enjoy the young'ns in your life.