Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dogwood Winter

After opening all the windows, kicking off the quilts and digging out my sandals for spring the weather reversed itself. It is now "Dogwood Winter". Meaning that the dogwoods are blooming and its cold again... (there is also a blackberry winter too but that comes later; before Indian summer or Dog days...)
Even though I live in the city now, there is much of the country still in me. It pops up at odd times like now. I wish I had not lost so much of my past. I wish I could recall the memories easier.
I have fleeting glimpses of summer days that are achingly beautiful, with lush green locust trees tenting over me as I read, cicadas calling, a gentle breeze breaking up the heat...
I remember the taste of freshly made ice cream scooped out of the churn, with strawberries I helped picked frozen in big red clumps so sweet.
I remember long dead pets: Lonesome the rooster, Dinky the beagle, the twin calves Bucky and Buford, countless animals that I loved and lost and buried.
I remember games and toys and I wonder where my Cinderella paperdolls went? I can see them so clearly I just can't believe they aren't packed away somewhere in my basement... but I know they aren't.
That's the thing you see, I can remember things, people, events, but not all the time, not as often as I wish and not as easily as I desire. Plus I know they are gone, lost except for these glimpses. And that sometimes just breaks my heart.


TimmyB said...

Awww. Sweet.

Why was your rooster Lonesome?

Thanks for all the verbal portraits of a life in Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

MM, Thanks again for your muses, I really enjoy them. Just the other day I related the story of Bucky to Debbie and Jason, hadin't thought of him in 30 years!!! Remember how he got his name??? Taz was laying on the floor with his foot folded up under him and Jason commented on how it looked and that triggered the Bucky memory. Your writing always brings back good memories of life on the farm. BB#2