Saturday, March 1, 2008

Solitude Saturday

The husband is away in San Antonio, where he tells me, it is spring. Here there are glimmers of the approaching season.
I noticed the beginnings of tulips and hyacinth tips pushing up through the mud. The buds on the magnolia are looking furrier. Molly is shedding her coat. So warmth must be on its way.
I woke this morning sleeping diagonally across the bed. A little chilled. A lot alone. It has been quite awhile since Bob has traveled and I have stayed home. Usually I am the "roamer" and he is the "homer"!
But this time he is the one off experiencing new places, new people, and I am the one sitting home with the furfaces. He sounded excited last night on the phone. Apparently San Antonio is gorgeous. He is going to walk over to the Alamo! How wacky is that? I asked for a pencil souvenir.
He is with a coworker who also wed a woman named Martha. They went to dinner and sat outside watching the sunset, the lights come on reflected on the river. They had wonderful fish and a glorious dessert involving coconut milk and flan. Next time they must take the "marthas" along...

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