Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sad news

It is with great sadness that I must let you all know of the death of Mrs. Frances (Fusano) Hagihara on Monday March 3rd. I was her Faith In Action volunteer for almost 4 years. I had the honor and privilege of serving Mrs. Hagihara at least 2 times a month to assist her w/ laundry, shopping, light housekeeping, or whatever she needed to maintain her independent life at age 92.
Mrs. Hagihara had dual citizenship as an American and Japanese citizen born in 1915 in Hawaii.
She wed a Japanese man she was introduced to in a tea ceremony in an arranged marriage w/ a ceremony lasting a few days, using several kimonos in what was considered a "small" wedding in Japanese culture.
She was the epitome of grace and dignity. She would often accompany me to Walmart or Kroger and we had many funny and enjoyable moments overcoming the language barrier. She was always gracious and never failed to thank me, when in reality, I should have thanked her for teaching me so many lessons about aging well with dignity and honor.
She was a private person, not given to huge displays of emotion, but she would quietly tell me stories of her life, she was proud of her two sons, her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She loved her husband and missed him to this day. She suffered many losses, but bore them with courage and faith.
She was a great lady and I came to love and respect her deeply. I mourn my loss, but celebrate her life, honored that she shared it, in part, with me.
May light perpetual shine upon her. God Bless Mrs. Hagihara.

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