Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More NYC stories.

I spent much of my time in New York in darkness; sitting in small dark rooms running a light board connected to other humans by a headset, watching plays night after night...
I learned to play Scrabble during a long run of one play. I met my husband at one of the theaters I worked at where I was the electrician and he was in the box office.
I met a few famous people along the way, a lot of not so famous, and some who would become famous.
One of the nicest famous people I ever met was Werner Klemperer, aka "Col. Clink" on Hogan's Heroes. He was in a show and was incredibly gracious to everyone, especially the crew. (This is not always the case.) Even after that show, when I had moved on to other theaters, if Werner noticed my name in the program, he always made a point to come back to the light booth and say hello. He was very much a gentleman. He also had his share of tragedy in his life and I think he had an air of sadness about him that was often overlooked. I also think he was a much more brilliant actor than anyone ever realized too.
It was those small gestures that will forever make me a fan.

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Tim said...

Thanks, Martha. I love to hear your stories about New York. More, more, more.

FYI, Norio's interviewing for a job right now that might mean (the slightest, almost quantum-sized possibility) that we would have to move to NYC. He would be managing a Japanese pop star who lives there, taking care of her American business deals, etc. I think I could give up L.A. for NYC if I had to.