Saturday, March 1, 2008


I have two brothers that I don't see often enough. Both are older that me. I am the baby sister. Even approaching 50 at a furious pace, I am and always will be, I suspect, the baby sister.
I remember my oldest brother used to play a game where he would toss me in the air and catch me. It was wonderfully scary. That moment of flying, that moment of safety. I loved it. He also taught me that thunder wasn't scary, it was angels bowling. Lightning was God taking pictures. To this day I love a good thunder storm.
As I grew up, he married and had children. I was 10 when his son was born. 12 when his daughter arrived. They are now wonderful, beautiful adults. My nephew is running his own business, with integrity, fairness, honesty and hard work. All learned from my brother's sterling example of how a man should live his life. I am proud of them both. So proud I could bust!
My niece is a teacher, with 2 beautiful daughters. She is loving, strong and funny. Again I am so proud. In a world where kids can and often do go wrong, these two didn't. These two had a dad who loved them fiercely and stood by them through thick and thin.
My other brother is an adventurer. He has traveled everywhere. He has hang glided, climbed mountains, scuba dived and for all I know bungee jumped! Up on the left is his picture after a day on the mountain on a thin wooden board... I tell you he is fearless!
I admire him because he lives, really, really lives life. He enjoys whatever day he is given. He tries new things, reads, explores, questions. He is curious and smart and never stops learning. He inspires me to do the same.
I think I have become the woman I am largely because of these two men. My brothers. Doug and Paul. One gave me roots, the other gave me wings. I love them; I am proud to call them my brothers, my inspiration, my heroes. Thank God for big brothers.

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TimmyB said...

I love that picture of your brother with the frozen beard. It's been way too long since I had icicles form on my facial hair. Darn this L.A. weather. I have to get up to Big Bear Mountain more often.